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Shelving Accessories

  • Double Side Gondola End

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    Double Side Gondola End

    Double side gondola End Description: Double side gondola End has following features: 1.900mm Wide Double Sided Gondola 2.Available in heights, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm & 2400mm 3.Finished in Powder coat 4.Very easy to assemble shelving system, Powder coated White finish...Read More

  • Light Box and Acrylic Panel

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    Light Box and Acrylic Panel

    LIGHT BOX ACRYLIC PANEL Description Light box acrylic panel is Ideal for clearly showing what products are on each shelf. It is very easy to mount and clean. Specifications 1. Product Name: Light box acrylic panel Center Aisle Double sided Light Box 2. Material: Acrylic/...Read More

  • Flatbar and Arm

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    Flatbar and Arm

    Flatbar and arm Description: Flatbar and arm has following features: 1.Flat bar and Straight Arm Combination 2.Each Straight Arm fits over the cross bar and you can fit up to ten arms on one bar depending on the product size 3.Perfect solution for displaying clothing or...Read More

  • Wire Basket

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    Wire Basket

    Wire basket Description: Wire basket has following features: 1.Wire Basket 2.Suits our 900mm wide Gondola Shelving 3.Available in White and Hammertone 4.Ideal for large products like balls which are difficult to display 5.Each basket needs 500mm in height for the basket and...Read More

  • Front Fence and Shelf Divider

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    Front Fence and Shelf Divider

    Front fence and shelf divider Description: Front fence and shelf divider has following features: 1.Wire Front fence and shelf dividers 2.Perfect for keeping products neat and tidy 3.Easily clip into the holes on the shelf 4.Also available in Hammertone colour 5.See...Read More

  • Acrylic Lightbox

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    Acrylic Lightbox

    Acrylic lightbox Description: Acrylic lightbox has following features: 1.Acrylic Light box 2.Fits onto 600mm and 900mm Gondolas 3.Replaces standard top cap and simply clips into place 4.Ideal for pharmacies where you want to promote a brand or product type 5.Requires a Bali...Read More

  • Adjustable Shelving Sign

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    Adjustable Shelving Sign

    Adjustable shelving sign Description: Adjustable shelving sign has following features: 1.Add flexible signage to your gondola shelving 2.Includes two adjustable tracks that attach to the upright posts and take sign material up to 4mm 3.Can be set at different heights allowing...Read More

  • Kicker Plate for Gondola Shelf

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    Kicker Plate for Gondola Shelf

    Kicker plate for gondola shelf Description: Kicker plate for gondola shelf has following features: 1.Great looking kick plate for our gondola shelving system 2.Closes off the base of your shelving, preventing stock or unwanted mess from ending up underneath 3.Available in...Read More

  • Metal Crossbar for Display Racks and Shelves

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    Metal Crossbar for Display Racks and Shelves

    Metal crossbar for display racks and shelves Description: Metal crossbar for display racks and shelves has following features: 1.Metal crossbar 2.Customized length. 3.Easy to move and replacement, 4.Chrome and power coating finish Specification: 1. Product Name: Metal...Read More

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